Is the counter UAV market a good thing for the industry?

The anti-drone market is a sign that the wider drone market is maturing.

In the same way that anti-virus computer software is a commercial enabler in the IT sector, the UAV security business could do the same for the drone market. Drone Defence is leading the way in the UK in the anti-drone market by bringing together the drone sector’s leading thinkers and security experts to try and mitigate potential threats posed by irresponsible of criminal drone users.

According to a report by Marketsandmarkets the anti-drone sector could be worth $1.14bn by 2022 and is expected to grow at 24% year on year after 2017. They say that it is growth in irresponsible drone users that will fuel the market with the largest growth coming in the low cost and easily deployable anti-drone systems.

At Drone Defence we would argue that a viable anti-drone solution offers organisations and institutions an option to mitigate the threat and will help prevent knee-jerk legislative crackdowns that could harm the fledgling commercial drone industry.

Drone Defence offers a full range of solutions from simple security assessments to full-blown radar detection systems. We believe that basic methods like putting up signs around your property and posting your airspace onto the #NoDroneZone section of the Drone Defence website will help regulate the market all inform responsible drone operators of where people don’t want drones to fly.

To find out more about Drone Defence’s UAV detectors, sensors and the Net Gun X1 then visit www.dronedefence.co.uk

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