What can we do for corporate drone detection?

Intellectual property is the most prized commodity in business, and its loss through hacking or malicious drone use could have a serious impact on the bottom line and a company’s reputation.

Drones fitted with high-quality zoom cameras can easily bypass physical security and peer through the 23rd floor’s office windows to gather data.  Microphones or more advanced wifi hacking devices could also pose a significant risk to organisations large and small.

A drone can easily bypass normal security unnoticed and wait patiently on the roof of a building passively recording data, mobile phone numbers and wifi access points for criminal exploitation.

These threats are not limited to big business either.  A football club would want to keep its set-piece plays a secret – a stable would want to hide the training performance of its prized horse… the threat posed by drones are far-reaching.

Drone Defence can offer a wide range of capabilities to help organisations define the threat they are subject to and develop effective mitigation plans.