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todayDecember 8, 2017

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Drones and Contraband – Prisons and The truth

.When drones first came into the public eye they were viewed as a novelty. Indeed, they are currently used to do all sorts of useful tasks. However, drones, their place in our society and how they are used has become a hotbed of debate. Many inventions were devised with good ...

todayDecember 1, 2017

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Drones and Privacy – What it means for you

Article eight of the European Convention on human rights articulates inter alia the right to a private life. Drones and privacy have become a core issue that should be addressed by this legislation. The reported incidence of drones invading the privacy of the average person is a clear contravention of ...

todayAugust 28, 2017

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Protecting Festivals From Drones

Drones could pose a safety risk at open-air festivals Large crowds and drones don’t mix, indeed operating a drone within 150m of open-airgatherings of more than 1000 people is illegal in the UK. As the summer festival season is drawing to a close the illegal use of drones at open ...

todayAugust 13, 2017

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DJI Spy Drones and HMS Queen Elizabeth

Two significant drones stories emerge this week It has been reported that a hobby drone was used to take many minutes of drone footage of the UK’s £3bn Aircraft Carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, before landing on the deck of the ship. I am as amazed as the ‘drone enthusiast’ was ...

Uncategorised Richard Gill / July 27, 2017

UK Considers ‘Red Flag Act’ for Drones

Will the Department for Transport’s recommendations for drone regulation harm the fledgling industry? In 1865 Britain introduced the ‘Locomotives on Highways Act’. Better known as the ‘Red Flag Act’. The act stipulated that all mechanically powered road vehicles (cars) must: Have three drivers. Not exceed 4 mph (6.4 kph) on the open ...

todayMarch 9, 2017

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The Anti-Drone Revolution: 22 Companies Building Killer Drone Tech Today from DronesX

Article from James Carlini on 22 counter drone businesses in the world featuring Drone Defence There have been some new efforts in employing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to inspect and protect critical intelligent infrastructure of organizations (power grids, railways, and communication networks). UAVs have their primary roots embedded in military ...

todayJanuary 2, 2017

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Drone Aircraft Recognition Playing Cards – WarDrones

WarDrones – Drone Combat Cards For a little bit of fun and to act as a training aid Drone Defence has launched ‘Top Trumps’ style card game for some of the most popular commercial drones. Following the example of the Cold-War US Army Graphic Training Aids, the cards are designed ...

todayDecember 27, 2016

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UK National Landmarks are being swarmed by illegal drones.

Drone Defence can help protect tourist attractions from unwanted drones A quick search on Google will bring up plenty of videos of illegal drones being flown around UK national landmarks and tourist attractions. Attractions like Stonehenge have a huge draw for would-be drone videographers but little do they know they ...