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todayJuly 18, 2018

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Drone news Richard Gill

Military Applications Of Drones?

Whether you want to accept it or not, Drones are becoming a fairly regular part of our modern lives. Initially, they started as a rather pedestrian novelty – strange little contraptions flying around and taking photos. However, as the drone technology became more commercially available and indeed more capable, the ...

todayJuly 11, 2018

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Drone news Richard Gill

The Future Vision Of Drones – Where Will They Go?

Drones and the future vision. They’re already a potential problem for a lot of companies, in part thanks to a growing development of the technology and nefarious uses. However, drones are still a tool in its infancy.  With a lot of evolution and growing up to do over the years. ...

todayMarch 2, 2018

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Counter drone + Drone news Richard Gill

Counter Drone action called for by pilots

A worldwide wave of near misses has led a renewed call for safety regulations surrounding drones and aircraft. Pilots continue to report near misses between their aircraft and drones. The call for counter drone action is becoming louder. This week the Federal Aviation Authority (US) have announced that they are ...

todayFebruary 23, 2018

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Drone news + Drone security Richard Gill

Drone defence and Counter UAV

Counter UAV methods to deter drones Drone defence and Counter UAV  has become a reality for governments, corporations, individuals and event organisers to name but a few.  The colourful variety of law and legislation globally means that the approach to defending against drones has now become incredibly diverse. In different ...

todayFebruary 9, 2018

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Drone news Richard Gill

The Drone Taxi – A drone defence risk?

This week a Chinese company revealed it’s progress in developing the drone taxi. This is a significant development in drone technology. Despite the fact that they carry passengers, they are still considered to be drones. Drones are remotely controlled. This means that these drones, will not have a driver or ...

todayApril 28, 2017

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Drone news Richard Gill

DJI Takes Steps to Remove its Drones From the Battlefield

.The world’s leading commercial drone manufacturer, DJI, appear to have stepped into the conflict in Syria and Iraq. They have designated large areas of both countries as ‘no fly zones’ for its drones. Drones used in conflict Recent reports of ISIS using commercial drones to drop various munitions onto Iraqi ...