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Main purpose of job: You’ll be working within the software development team and be involved in the development of our software solutions. 



Department: Software Development 



Location/Branch: Retford, Nottinghamshire 



Position reports to:  Chief Software Architect  



Position is responsible for: Machine Learning Software Development within Drone Defence Products 



Length of contract: Permanent/Contract



Salary: Negotiable



Job Description:

Successful applicant will be working within the software development team and be involved within the development of our software solutions. 


Specific duties include: 

  • Building and testing deep learning sequence models such as recurrent neural networks, transformer models or even convolutional neural networks for sequential data. 
  • Lead the design and development of radio frequency (RF) hardware for detection and mitigation of drones (RF sensors, antennas and jammers). 
  • Supervise the documentation for intellectual property protection (patents) and any scientific writing related. 
  • Responsible of 3D modelling, manufacture and testing of the designed RF hardware. 
  • Collaboration with Machine Learning engineering team to develop identification and classification algorithms. 
  • Extensive model development with TensorFlow and Keras in Python 
  • Training and testing models on AWS or Google cloud compute. 
  • Applying various signal processing techniques such as Fourier transform, filtering, etc. 
  • Using TensorFlow Lite to deploy, test, and optimise deep learning models on embedded devices. 
  • Working with GNU Radio to gather and pre-process the radio frequency signal using digital signal processing. 
  • Being part of our development road map team, developing and integrating new modules to handle data from our increasing variety of hardware sensors and systems. 
  • Testing, identifying, and optimising the time-critical code. 
  • Being creative and coming up with new ways to enhance our products using the latest technologies 


Qualifications and Skills 

The successful candidate would need to be highly driven in the following areas; 

  • Provide accurate estimates with regards to work and work to a schedule. 
  • Maintain a high level of awareness of the industry and trends, particularly regarding development. 
  • Keep abreast of usability standards and emerging technologies. 
  • Be a team player and keep team members informed as appropriate. 
  • Work hard to keep our software ahead of our competitors, positioning yourself and the company as specialists in aviation software. 


‘Must Have’ Qualities: 

  • Self-motivated and hard worker 
  • Putting the customer first 
  • Desire and willingness to learn and grow with us 
  • A team player 
  • The drive to succeed 
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