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Airspace Security – Developing Countermeasures for Drones

Airspace Security: Anyone who’s looked at the news recently will know that there’s been an emphasis on drone security at the moment because of the constant interruptions at airports across the country. We’ve been keeping very much up to date with the incidents involving drones flying onto the airfield and causing everything to shut down and stop while people figure out a way to deal with the problem. Now, we don’t dislike drones – quite the opposite in fact. But we also recognise that there’s a problem which we need to address, and so in this article, we’re going to look into what needs to be done.

Airspace Security: Drones – The Growing Trend

There’s no doubt that drones are a growing and sometimes concerning trend. People have seen a massive spike in their overall usage, as well as advancements in all areas of their technology. Durability, range and affordability are all moving in positive directions, and this makes it easier for someone to get a drone if they want one. However, this free distribution of drones and their abundance means that it’s also easy for people who might misuse them to get their hands on one.

Airspace Security: Airports – the Unfortunate Reminder

Recently we’ve had a series of incidents which have taken place at Gatwick airport and also Heathrow. They’ve served to remind people that even though new legislation has been put forward to restrict the way drones can move around in restricted airspace, it’s not enough to prevent these kinds of incidents from occurring. There is a clear and practical need for technological restrictions in place to protect locations of importance.

Even one or two drones can force a shutdown of the entire airport and render all the flights severely delayed. It can cost the airport and the airlines a lot of money on tickets, compensation, lost revenue, and it can be a significant situation.

Airspace Security: So, What Solutions Are Available?

Drone jamming systems are the most effective way of preventing the misuse of the majority of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) Drone technology. SkyFence is a proven perimeter defence system against drones whilst the Paladyne E1000 MP is a portable system which can be set up in any location you desire, which gives you exceptional coverage over the surrounding airspace.

Overall, it’s clear that the situation at two different airports cannot go overlooked. When you do nothing, people will begin to exploit the weaknesses of the current setup and will instead try and cause more problems. The best response to these recent occurrences is swift and decisive action, making sure that we send a clear message to people. Drones need to be controlled and maintained because things can not continue as they have. The legislation isn’t doing enough anymore, and so there must be a technological solution put into place. This will help prevent drone misuse and shift the focus of stories around the technology to the positive influences which is where it should be such as search and rescue, surveying, inspection, logistics etc.

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