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Airports and Drones – The Risks

Airports are always busy. As a place from which people can come into the country and leave it, there’s always a lot going on. Understandably, with all of the various people who come and go from an airport, you have to make sure that there’s a good consistent level of security in the airport. Protecting the various individuals who come into the airport and leave it has to be a top priority. However, there is a threat to the security and safety of the airports and drones that people don’t always consider, and we’re going to look at it here and now.

Airports and Drones: What’s The Risk?

Drones. They’re a major source of headache for a lot of people. We’ve all dealt with them in the past – they might have flown above your head or perhaps you know someone who has one. Normally, they are considered to be pretty harmless. However, that’s not always the case. There have been instances where drones are much more dangerous than you might think.  So, within the context of an airport, they can be a potential problem.

Airports and Drones: How Are Drones A Threat?

As always, we’re going to take a look at how drones could pose a threat to airports by looking at an example. Obviously, you’ve got the usual suspects with drones – invasions of privacy, annoying the public, and all the other problematic things which come with drones. But then you’ve got the more serious and dangerous ways that drones can be used. What would happen if a drone were wired to explode when it reached the airport? What if it were carrying a potentially dangerous cargo? Furthermore, drone signals could be dangerous to the plane when it’s in flight. You know they tell you to turn off your phones while you’re on board? The principle is exactly the same. That signal could disrupt instruments on the plane and potentially cause an accident.

Airports and Drones: What Can Be Done?

However, there’s no need to get too worried about it all. We appreciate that it sounds bad, but there is a fair bit you can do to stop drones in their tracks. For example, the Dynopis system allows you to set up a drone blocking signal. This will prevent any drone from working inside the airspace of the structure. Which will help to keep people and planes safe from harm. Alternatively, you could look into Drone Detection. This searches for the transmissions between a drone and its owner, and then informs you when one is approaching.

Overall, the potential risk of a drone inside an airport can be concerning, but it’s also nothing to be massively worried about. We’ve all seen drones flying about, but it’s not often that people consider them to be a pest. That in itself is quite surprising because companies and businesses know full well that drones are a pain. However, by having the right kind of technology, and being alert, you can prevent drones from causing harm to anyone or becoming a major headache.


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