Product Overview

How can we provide Airport Drone Protection ?

National Aviation Authorities all over the world are reporting increasing numbers of cases of near-misses between manned and unmanned aircraft.  Drones are being used recklessly near airports resulting in several near air collisions.  As more drones take to the skies the likelihood of the mid-air collisions increases.

Drone Defence can offer a wide range of scalable solutions tailored to the end-users’ requirements and budget.  Using an RF detection system we can offer real-time awareness and where required we can enhance this system seamlessly with other sensing technologies like radar, cameras and acoustics.  We can design, deploy, integrate and support our systems throughout their service life.

SkyFence can be deployed where the NAA and local authorities allow.

Technical Specifications of The SkyFence™

  • 2400-2500 MHz
  • 5710-5880 MHz

Details of modulation

Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP) -Watts and dB
  • 2400-2500 MHz – 5W (37dBm)
  • 5710-5880 MHz – 2W (33dBm)

Antenna gain
  • 2.4GHz – 10 dBi
  • 5.8GHz – 14.5 dB
Installed antenna height above ground level
  • In a fixed installation the panel is installed at 3m above the ground

Radiation Hazard Safety Distance
  • . In front of panel :- 1m Public Exposure | 1m Occupational Exposure