Product Overview

What Is The AeroSentry® & Drone Detection as a Service (DSaaS) ?

We offer the ability to detecttrack and identify drones across a wide area, on land or at sea.  Using multi-sensory technologies we can give you notice of a drone operating in your airspace.


AeroSentry® DND360

AeroSentry® DND360 provides a drone/no drone proximity drone detection capability. Depending on the the operational environment the system can detect the presence of a drone’s RF signature up to 5km away. This information can then be used to alert security operatives or automatically activate a drone jamming system.

AeroSentry® DRB1000

AeroSentry® DRB1000 uses advanced RF signal processing techniques to determine the bearing of the drone and approximate range. from a single location the AeroSentry™ sensor can deliver a general direction of the incoming drone so security officers know where the potential threat is coming from. This allows for a more comprehensive operational response.

Drone Detection as a Service

Our DSaaS solution provides drone detection, identification and tracking capabilities to a range of customers. We deploy and maintain a network of sensors across an area and our customers gain access to a secure, bespoke and intuitive online account where they can monitor drone activity near them.

How It Works

Radio Frequency (RF) scanners provide the most cost-effective solution for detecting, tracking and identifying drones over a wide area. They have the ability to scan the electromagnetic spectrum and identify the specific transmissions from commercial drones. As long as the drone is transmitting a signal (like live video or telemetry) then our RF scanner will detect it. If the drone’s operator is also within our sensor network we have the ability to identify and track them so security services and law enforcement officials can respond.

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