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AeroGuards – Your Countermeasure to Drone Disruption

AeroGuards: Despite the love we have for drones, they are not regulated or controlled in any way. Drones remain a consistent problem for many when looking at outdoor events, and this becomes an issue.

Film sets, airfields, sporting events. These are all gatherings which are frequently disrupted by drones. However, you don’t have to spend your event worrying that a drone will come and disrupt it. There are solutions to the problem of drones, and we have one particular option to bring to your attention.

AeroGuards: The Problem With Drones and Event

What we’re seeing is that right now drones present a problem to events such as airshows, festivals and film sets. Drones will fly over events and disrupt the proceedings. You may have heard on the news about a drone incident which took place recently in Venezuela, or the incident when Frankie Dettori was unseated during a horse racing event due to his horse being spooked by the drone.

Drones can be a very frustrating problem for the organisers of these events. There are so many different ways to protect against drones, however, these are not always suitable due to the temporary nature of events and personnel involved, and can prove to be cost prohibitive.

AeroGuards: The Solution

We have a way to deal with drones which is both cost effective and isn’t a permanent fixture either. We are the developers of the AeroGuard solution, which is a team of operators who will be able to protect your event from the threat of drones.

The process begins with a visit from one of our assessment team. They’ll survey the area, both in and around the location of the event, and establish where the best places to position the drones deterrents are. We will provide you with a report on where the gaps in your security are – and what you can do to prevent them.

Of course, communication is the best way to solve a problem. That’s why we’ll implement a #nodronezone service. We’ll communicate with drone operators and make sure they understand this is not a drone space for the duration of the event.

One of the most critical parts of the AreoGuards solution is the Aero Guards themselves. They’re teams of specialists who are deployed with a drone detection system and drone defence equipment to operate at intervals around the event to make sure that the event is protected. Any stray drones which do try and come near will be disposed of.

All in all, there’s no doubt that the drone represents a problem for the organisers of events which are taking place outside. It can be challenging to try and sort this out, but we have a solution. Speak to us today to see how we can help.

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