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Super-yacht – Invasion of Privacy at Ports and Harbours?

A super-yacht is one of the most luxurious places you can imagine. As an owner, manager or manufacturer, you will expect the experience to reflect this every single time. Super-yacht owners, or individuals chartering a super-yacht, will expect to utilise every area of the yacht to relax and enjoy the lifestyle it offers. Whilst out at sea privacy may not be a major concern, however at some point the yacht will come into port or a harbour. 

This is no bad thing in itself. The crew can go ashore, gather supplies, refuel and the owners can experience life in that area. However, you’re also a massive target for an invasion of privacy, and you might not even notice it happen until it’s too late.

Super-yacht: The Wolves Among Sheep

While there’s no doubt that many people will be friendly to you and have an honest desire to provide you with goods or a service, you have to look out for those people who want to exploit you ruthlessly. 

Imagine you are at anchor in the Mediterranean with your family, relaxing aboard your yacht when a member of the paparazzi uses their $1000 drone to capture pictures of you. Or even worse, a criminal decides to target your boat in a more malicious manner.

Super-yacht: How Might A Drone Invade Your Privacy?

The thing about drones is that few people suspect them. They’re quick, silent and quite frankly very subtle. A drone can easily weave in and out of a crowd, and locate the places where security is not as tight as it could be to record footage or take incriminating photographs. The implication is not that someone has done something wrong, but instead that a drone will capture a photo at an inconvenient time and use it to paint a very negative picture. Paparazzi are some of the most opportunistic and inconsiderate people in the media industry, who will stop at nothing to try and capture a scandalous shot of you or invade your privacy.

Super-yacht: How Do I Defend Against Drones?

Creating a suitable defence against drones is possible, and will generally consider a number of options depending on your exact requirements. For example, the Dynopis E1000 MP Portable Drone Jammer has been designed to protect your super-yacht from drones without interfering with the surrounding airspace. It severs the communication link between drone and owner, should the device travel within range. 

Whilst dealing with the drone is one thing, knowing there is a potential drone threat will speed up your response time and alert you to potential threats. The Drone Detection software we’ve perfected allows you to be notified when a drone strays too close to the yacht. The system is highly versatile, and is backwards compatible with nearly all existing security systems, meaning that the software can augment any security you’ve already got installed on your yacht.

To conclude, the time you spend in the port or harbour can be a period of vulnerability should you not have the correct security systems. The frequency of such situations arising is ever increasing as the adoption of drone technology accelerates, as a result, there is always the potential that the owner, a guest, a high profile celebrity or influential individual becomes the target of a paparazzi. Therefore, it would be a sound investment to acquire technology which will stop this drone threat. 

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