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Uncategorised Richard Gill / May 31, 2018

Protecting Critical Infrastructure From Drones

The Danger Of Drones In every country, there’s a handful of major systems which keep the country running. If one were to collapse or go down, there would be absolute chaos. These are known as critical infrastructure. Normally, they’re so important that no one would dare target them, and they’re ...

todayMay 23, 2018

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Uncategorised Richard Gill

Prison Smuggling – How Can Drones Influence This?

The world of prison smuggling is all too real. People routinely attempt to get things both inside and outside prison that they shouldn’t. However, for the most part, guards and security officers have a good grip on the situation. But what would happen if a new element was introduced into ...

todayMay 19, 2018

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Drone security Richard Gill

Drones and Privacy – Will You Be At Risk?

In the world of advanced technology, certain concepts are coming under fire. One of these concepts is the idea of privacy. Once upon a time, what went on in our homes and behind closed doors was considered an unknown. People were not privy to the ins and outs of another ...

todayMay 9, 2018

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Counter drone Richard Gill

Drones and Commercial Espionage

So, let’s presume that you’ve got a pretty good business going. You might make a unique kind of food or drink. You might sell a product which is pretty rare. This innovation has catapulted you to some dizzying heights. However, this brings with its own set of challenges. Commercial espionage ...

todayMay 2, 2018

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Uncategorised Richard Gill

Drones and Football Stadiums – What are the Dangers?

Drones can be a real pain in the rear end. They go everywhere that they seriously shouldn’t. However, there are some locations where drones go that will see them upgraded from annoyance to safety risk. A prime example of this is a football stadium. Particularly, one which is hosting a ...