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todayDecember 22, 2017

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Uncategorised Richard Gill

Drone disruption at events – Is it a real risk?

Disruptive technology is usually a good thing. When new tech breaks into our daily lives it is usually viewed with awe. The average man on the street often views the rise of the drone as something of an entertaining nature. Until it affects something related to their daily lives, few ...

todayDecember 15, 2017

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Drones and Aircraft – A Dangerous Mix

Drones and Aircraft, the term suggests a dangerous mix, but are they really? In the past year, at least five flights have been diverted and disruption at Gatwick airport. This has caused severe inconvenience for thousands of passengers. It took place when a drone flying close to the runway was ...

todayDecember 8, 2017

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Drones and Contraband – Prisons and The truth

.When drones first came into the public eye they were viewed as a novelty. Indeed, they are currently used to do all sorts of useful tasks. However, drones, their place in our society and how they are used has become a hotbed of debate. Many inventions were devised with good ...

todayDecember 1, 2017

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Uncategorised Richard Gill

Drones and Privacy – What it means for you

Article eight of the European Convention on human rights articulates inter alia the right to a private life. Drones and privacy have become a core issue that should be addressed by this legislation. The reported incidence of drones invading the privacy of the average person is a clear contravention of ...