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todayMay 13, 2016

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Uncategorised Richard Gill

The Threats Posed By Commercial Drones in the Wrong Hands

Are drones the latest weapon in the criminals’ tool bag? Drones can be called life-enhancing solution for fast deliveries and other military operations. In addition, they can also be termed as flying bombs or weapons of mass destruction (hello from the other side!). If you are a soldier or Call of ...

todayMay 12, 2016

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Uncategorised Richard Gill

Let the Drone Community Know to Stay Away

Designate Your Airspace as a No Drone Zone Drone Defence believes that the first step in preventing unwanted drones flying above your facility is to nominate your airspace as a No Drone Zone. If you decide that you want to ask drone operators to stay away from your site then ...

todayMay 1, 2016

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Uncategorised Richard Gill

Drones v planes – midair tragedy waiting to happen

Article by Geoffrey Thomas, Aviation Editor – The West Australian Calls for mandatory user registration and severe penalties for irresponsible operators grow as drone sales soar… Pilots face increasing challenges navigating planes safely — more planes, more bad weather, more birds and now, more out-of-control unmanned aerial vehicles or drones. The growing ...