Marine Drone Defence

Marine Drones – What Challenges Do Superyacht Owners Face?

Marine Drones: Superyachts are considered by many to be the ultimate symbol of success. They are big, proud objects which seem to command respect among everyone. A lot of high profile people from all walks of life have these magnificent ships and use them frequently.

Then enter the drone. Does it pose a threat to these people, to their safety and ability to sleep peacefully at night? Let’s explore that and see if we can assess the challenges faced.

Invasion of Privacy

Naturally, an invasion of privacy is one of the first and most concerning things that something like a superyacht would have to deal with. These ships stop in ports all around the world to gather supplies and to give the owners a chance to explore the local area.

Now imagine that there was a drone which could spy on them. Every move that they made would be recorded, and every element of their lives would be on display for people to see. It’s an absolute abuse of privacy and a breach of people’s basic human rights. Yet it does happen all the time.


 Of course, their safety is also another concern. There are a lot of people in the world who would like nothing more than to see certain political figures and key players in industries have an “accident”.

As gruesome as the idea may seem, the world of corporate assassinations and espionage is still going strong. There are still people who would see a drone deliver a weapon to someone, or be primed to simply detonate when it got in close proximity to the boat. There would be no physical trace of the assassin, because it would all be done remotely. In all respects, it is the perfect crime.

How Can People Protect Themselves?

So let’s take a look at some of the ways that people can protect themselves from the issues that a drone can cause. Because there are so many potential issues which are just waiting to come up, there are a slew of different issues for people to try and tackle.

If you can stop the device from getting anywhere near the boat you can protect yourself and ensure your privacy. One of the ways in which this is achieved is by jamming the signal of a drone which prevents it from getting near the superyacht. You could also consider something like a projectile weapon which can fire a net and shoot down a drone if you see one – although they have significant range restrictions in comparison to jamming and can only tackle a single drone at a time.

As you can probably tell, there are a lot of instances where drones are a potential risk to the safety of the person owning the superyacht. Drones are not an inherently bad thing by any means – they are however a potential issue which needs to be planned for and prepared for. If you can mitigate the risk then you can limit any problems you might face while the owners and guests are enjoying seeing some of the world from the comfort of the yacht.


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