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An Interview With Our CEO – Reacting to Current Events

An Interview: With the sheer volume of recent media coverage regarding drones we thought we’d get the expert views of our CEO – Richard Gill. As you have probably seen, people have been experiencing problems regarding drones, and they’ve managed to bring airports to a complete standstill in the latter period of 2018 and some of 2019. In light of the recent events, we felt it was essential to collect the thoughts of our founder because we all share his vision. So Richard sat down and outlined his thoughts on what’s been going on recently, as well as his vision for a better future involving drones. We’ve captured some of the highlights, and collected them all here for you to view at your leisure.

An Interview: Richard’s Thoughts

Richard believes that the misuse of drone technology is not a failing on the industry, but instead down to the issues caused by a handful of people. There are different types of people who use drones on a regular basis, and some people choose to break the laws regardless. This belief is expanded further in the full article.

He also talks about the fact that there’s not enough work going into the defence of airports and other critical infrastructure. There are contingency plans in place, but they’re not enough. People need to make sure that they’re pushing for the optimum security for their premises but at the same time recognising that absolute power can be dangerous.

Drone defences are considered to be varying in their effectiveness and level of training required, which is why Richard suggests that certain types of deterrentsare best left in the hands of trained military professionals.

During the final points of his vision, Richard also talked about his ideal future for drones. He wanted all drones to be able to regulate and work together for the common good and felt that those drones which did not cooperate would need to be monitored and stopped from causing harm. 2019 is going to be a big year for drones, and that’s something that he believes very firmly. Of course, if you want the full story, you’ll have to check out the interview!


All in all, these thoughts are just a few that we’ve all come to share regarding drones. They’re not a negative force – a select few misuse them. We know that drones can be used for good, but people have first to make sure that they’re trying to tackle rogue drones and make sure that they learn the rules. If you’d like to know more about our views, and suggestions on how to deal with the problems like the incidents at Gatwick airport, then you’re more than welcome to come and have a look at the full piece!




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