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Protecting Property, Homes, Estates from Unwanted Drones
At Drone Defence are now receiving increasing reports of drones being used being used by criminals and paparazzi to scope out and take pictures of private estates and large houses. We consider this use of drone technology to be highly worrying. 

The threats posed using drones in this way could be far reaching from simply your next-door neighbours playing with their new toy to professional criminal gangs conducting surveillance for a future break-ins or kidnappings. 

Although the criminal threat is real the more likely drone risk comes from journalists or neighbours who could capture images or video you would wish to keep private. Parties and family events are very tempting targets for inquisitive drone users. 

Drone sales are increasing worldwide with UK retailer, Maplins forecasting that 40,000 high value (£500+) drones will be sold in 2017 alone. The problem is increasing and the threats posed by the technology will increase too. 
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